By Charlie Kimber
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No to unity with the bosses and racists

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Issue 2547
Amber Rudd wants unity in place of resistance
Amber Rudd wants unity in place of resistance (Pic: El Gazette/Flikr)

There has been much talk of “unity” after the attacks last week. When anti-racists talk about unity they mean that we should fight to prevent Muslims or migrants becoming the targets of a witch hunt.

We’re saying that we stand together and if anyone comes for our sisters and brothers then we will defend them as one.

It was very important that Stand Up To Racism and Muslim Engagement and Development called vigils last week at which people could show their abhorrence for scapegoating and deepening racism.

But the idea of “unity” can also be grabbed by our rulers.

They want to impose a class truce on us, while they continue to attack migrants, Muslims and the working class as a whole.

Home secretary Amber Rudd spoke at a vigil, called by London mayor Sadiq Khan, for the victims of the Westminster attack. She claimed the events had “reminded us how we are all so connected”.

But Rudd and the Tories don’t believe that at all. Remember that Rudd wanted to make companies post up names of their foreign workers—presumably so that these workers could be the objects of resentment and the firms who hired them could be pressured to get rid of them.


She fronted up the decision to stop any more unaccompanied child refugees coming to Britain.

Rudd wants to grab more powers to spy and censor, and to have a more tooled-up police that will be used against us all.

Theresa May talks about shared values—while she savages the NHS and pushes through cuts that wreck lives and push some people to suicide.

The terrible events last week should not make us let up for a second in our battles against the Tories, nor hold us back for a moment from our criticism of their hypocrisy.

On the same day as the Westminster attack a report showed that the average annual pay for chief executives in Britain’s top 100 companies, at £5.3 million a year, is 386 times that of a worker earning the National Living Wage.

It is 312 times more than a care worker’s, and 165 times more than a nurse’s.

We are for anti-racist unity, but the Tories’ version of unity is a sham to cover up the reality of a divided society.

Corbyn concedes ground to Labour right over Prevent

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for the government’s Prevent strategy, which is used to spy on Muslims, to be broadened.

On the defensive—Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

On the defensive—Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Pic: David Martyn Hunt/Flikr)

He has also said it could sometimes be okay for armed police to “shoot to kill”.

Corbyn made the remarks in an interview last Sunday during a discussion on the Westminster attack.

Corbyn said shoot to kill could be acceptable in a “wholly defensive situation”.

It appears to be a climbdown from his position in 2015, when he said he was “not happy with the shoot to kill policy in general. I think that is quite dangerous.”

He later backed down after attacks by Labour right wingers.

Corbyn also rightly said on Sunday that Prevent casts suspicion on Muslims. But instead of scrapping the draconian scheme, he said the answer is to “focus it on all communities”. Officially that’s already the case.

Corbyn was trying to satisfy the right, which wants him to be much more supportive of the police’s right to kill people and spy on Muslims.These are dangerous concessions.

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