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Occupy London prepare to march on parliament

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Activists in Occupy London are preparing for a march tomorrow, Saturday, from their camp to parliament and back.
Issue 2276

Activists in Occupy London are preparing for a march tomorrow, Saturday, from their camp to parliament and back.

This will be an opportunity to reach out to wider forces, and a call for solidarity from those unable to stay at the camp but who support it.

The Occupy London general assembly discussed upcoming direct action. This includes tomorrow’s demonstration, but also offering support to the student demonstration on Wednesday.

There was also some discussion over basic logistics for the camp. More people are getting involved all the time, but there is a lack of space for new tents.

Now campers are asked to put green pegs on their tents if they have available space in them for new arrivals, or a yellow peg if the tent is temporarily vacant.

Activists had previously talked about starting a new camp near Canary Wharf—but yet again met a legal challenge from private landowners.

The assembly also heard that a team of doctors and nurses had arrived from Sheffield to help out with the camp. And there was agreement that welfare tents should be set up to help some of the people who have joined the camp with housing, alcohol and mental health problems.

A spokesman told the assembly, “We are all part of the 99 percent, and we hope to be a welcoming place. This makes the camp a beacon for the vulnerable and marginalised.”

A statement of support from activists in Egypt was also read out at the assembly. People marched from Tahrir Square in Cairo in support of Occupy Oakland. “Now it is your turn to inspire us,” read part of the statement, reinforcing the links in the global struggle. The letter called for support for an international day of action to defend the Egyptian revolution.

Fergus Haverty-Stacke is an activist from Dublin’s occupation—one of at least four in Ireland, alongside Cork, Galway and Waterford.

“I wanted to compare our camp to this one,” Fergus told Socialist Worker. “It’s a global movement, and I wanted to see more of it.”

Everyone is now encouraged to join tomorrow’s demonstration in support of Occupy London, which will end with a rally and assembly featuring radical journalist John Pilger and Weyman Bennett from Unite Against Fascism, among others.

“The demonstration is to show that the movement is not just confined to St. Paul’s churchyard,” said John Sinha, who has been involved in preparing the demonstration.

“We’re reaching out to people in London. We want to show massive support for the Occupy protest.

“It’ll be out chance to hand out our materials to the public and engage with them.

“This can be a way to build a mass movement. Not just in the streets, but also driving into the workplaces.

“Occupy London is now an institution. The question is—what do we do from here?”

The demonstration will start at the St Paul’s camp at 2pm tomorrow, Saturday, and march to parliament before returning to the occupation for speeches and discussions. See for further details


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