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Open letter demands direct investment in public housing

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Open letter to government Ministers and Camden councillors
Issue 2041

Open letter to government Ministers and Camden councillors

Keep your promises: We demand direct investment

The undersigned re-affirm our determination to win the ‘Fourth Option’ of direct investment to improve our homes and estates and secure a long term future for first class affordable, secure and accountable council housing.

We note the decision of the Labour Party conference, for the third consecutive year running, to support the ‘Fourth Option’ of direct investment in council housing and the expectation that the Policy Forum working group would respond before the Comprehensive Spending Review this spring.

We remind the government of their 2005 Manifesto Commitment ‘By 2010 we will ensure that all social tenants benefit from a decent, warm home with modern facilities’ – and give notice that we intend to make them keep it.

We totally reject calls from the Smith Institute and others for secure, life-long tenancies to be ended and tenants forced into the private market. We will actively oppose all attempts to undermine the future of council (public) housing, divert public subsidies to the private sector and increase the domination of market forces in housing.

We are concerned that two reviews on the ‘role of social housing’ and ‘regulation of housing’ are intended to drive forward the government’s privatisation and marketisation agenda. We call for a full public debate on these issues – putting council tenants at the centre – before any recommendations and/or decisions are made.

At a local level we remind the new Camden Council administration of their election commitment to oppose stock transfer and ALMO and their promise to join with tenants to win the ‘Fourth Option’.

We demand the council reject the various privatisation options discussed by the Housing Scrutiny Committee last December and agree to actively campaign against any attempt by the council to pursue an estate by estate strategy to privatise council housing.

We further call on the council to sponsor with Camden tenants organisations a London wide conference of council tenants, local authorities, trade unions and others to bring together all those with a common interest in securing the ‘Fourth Option’ to maximise pressure on government to change policy.

Signed by (as of 26 Feb 2007)

Larraine Revah (Chair Gospel Oak DMC / Chair Russell Nurseries TRA)
Joan Stally (Vice Chair Gospel Oak DMC / Chair St Silas TRA)
Fran Heron (Chair Camden Town DMC / Chair Amptill Square TA)
Paul Tomlinson (Vice Chair Camden Town DMC, Joint Secretary Ampthill Square TA)
Brian Pordage (Chair Kentish Town DMC / Vice Chair TAROE)
Alan Walter (Vice Chair Kentish Town DMC / Chair Peckwater Estate TRA)
Beryl Allen (Chair, Bourne Estate TA)
E. Nicol (TA Rep, Bourne Estate TA)
J. Nash (DMC Rep, Brunswick Estate TRA)
Haseem S (DMC Rep, Burnham RA)
Lesley Carty (Secretary, Camden Defend Council Housing)
John Hiscoke (DMC Rep, Camden Square TRA)
Ellis Hillocks ( Chair, Camden Square Area TRA)
John Cowley ( Secretary, Camden Square Area TRA)
Wendy Taylor (Chair, Dunboyne Road Estate TRA)
Margaret Downing (Chair, Holly Lodge Estate TRA)
Elna Gay (Secretary, Maitland Park Est TA)
Alan Spence (Chair, Bury Place TA)
Albert Beale (DMC Rep, Bury Place TRA)
Carmen Vilarelle (DMC Rep, St Pancras Way Estate TRA)
Fabienne Gimenez (Chair, Hardington & Belmont TRA)
Maggie Swindells (Chair, Una House TRA)
John Gedge (Secretary, Una House TRA)
John Murphy (Chair, Castle Rd TRA)
Kim Morrissey (Chair, Chenies St. Chambers TRA)
Patsy Futatsugi (Secretary, Chenies St. Chambers TRA)
I. Drinkwater (DMC Rep, GHTA)
S. Bartle (Chair, Leysdown, Shipton & Stonegate TRA)
Joanne West (DMC Rep, Lymington Rd RA)
Rosaleen Owens (Secretary, Palgrave House TA)
Meric Apak (Chair, Artisan Dwellings TRA)
Lawrence Wahlund (Chair, Bacton Tower TRA)
Derek Jarman (Secretary, Kenistoune & Willingham TRA)
John Ebrill (Secretary, Bayham Place RA)
Liz Wheatley (TA rep, (Primrose Hill Court TA)
Vivienne Abberley (DMC Rep, Primrose Hill Court TA)
Jean Hurman (Chair, Regents Park TA)
M. Rolfe (DMC Sub Rep, Regents Park TA)
Patrick Gayle (DMC Rep, Regents Square RA)
Pauline Ryan (DMC Rep, Sidney Boyd Court TA)
Martin Carroll (Rep, CASP)
Carol Thomas (DMC Rep, Sidings TRA)
Alan Patterson (Chair, START (Somerstown ART))
Carmen Vilarelle (DMC Rep, St Pancras Way Estate TRA)
Cathy Pound (DMC Rep, Tiptree, Barling & Havering TRA)
Bill Abbs (Chair, Webheath TA)
Jenny West ( Secretary, Lissenden Gardens TA)
Lenny Rodgie (Chair, Delancey Studio TRA)
Margaret Stobs (Treas, Churchway TRA)

Cllr. Penny Abraham
Cllr. Pat Callaghan
Cllr. Libby Campbell
Cllr. Roger Robinson

Mandy Berger (Joint Convenor Camden UNISON Housing & Social Care)
Phoebe Watkins (Joint Convenor Camden UNISON Housing & Social Care)
George Burnett (Convenor UNISON Central Services Dept)

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