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Open letter responses: Take the initiative

This article is over 12 years, 10 months old
The open letter has been met with a flurry of responses. Here are a few of the comments of those adding their names to the call for unity.
Issue 2158

‘I have had a positive reaction to the open letter at work. People are keen to discuss the idea of building a united left electoral alternative and the danger of people seeing the BNP as the voice for working class people if we don’t get our act together.’

Martin Copson, Unite steward, Corus (pc)

‘A friend passed on the open letter to me, and while I am not yet a member of any political party I would be very interested to be kept informed of any developments.

It would be excellent if a true, united, socialist party could emerge to fill the vacuum left by Labour.’

Glenn Dyer, by email

‘The open letter is very useful in the current climate, especially with the British National Party (BNP) getting two seats in the European parliament.

It is important that people take the initiative and act quickly.

In Glasgow, the occupations against the closure of primary schools and the public sector strikes show that there is something in the air.

We need to involve these kind of local activists and trade unionists in this call for unity.’

Phemie Matheson, Glasgow

‘Having been a Socialist Workers Party member for about 12 years, I was very heartened and proud to read the open letter to the left.

It is absolutely essential for all on the left to unite and work together on a common platform.

The right have had the initiative for far too long. Let’s hope we can offer a credible left alternative in the coming general election.’

Ben Neal, by email

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