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Organise now to stop cuts

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Greek workers fight back – so can we
Issue 2200

The battle over cuts in vital services, jobs and pay begins as soon as the dust clears after the election.

This is the fight to protect our hospitals, schools and livelihoods from the wrecking ball of the new government.

Last week Tory leader David Cameron spoke for all the parties when he admitted the cuts will go far deeper than he publicly admitted during the campaign.

He zeroed in on welfare benefits along with the pay and pensions of seven million public sector workers as areas to be slashed.

None of this was put to the vote this week. The emptiness of parliamentary democracy is that parties lie about their policies and then try to carry out what the bosses demand once elected.

During the election, none of the parties dared to be open about what they want to ram through.

So they should have no illusion that they have a mandate for cuts.

In Greece workers are already fighting cuts that could hurl back living standards and public services by decades.

Their strikes, mass demonstrations, and spirit of defiance should inspire us here.

We need to follow them – but that means organising, not just applauding.

Come to the Right to Work conference on 22 May to hear a Greek worker and to spread the networks of resistance. Build Unite Against Fascism in every area to defeat the poison of the British National Party.

The process of cuts has started in Britain, and it will now accelerate as fast as a Tory’s Porsche.

We need to fight back, and because the government has the support of only a minority of voters, let alone the population, there’s huge potential for success.

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  • Vote Labour if there’s no left alternative

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