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Parsons Green arrests prompt racist backlash

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Yahyah Farroukh has been released without charge
Yahyah Farroukh has been released without charge

An 18 year old man has been charged over a terror attack in London earlier this month.

A bucket filled with explosives partially detonated on a tube train at Parsons Green, west London, on 15 September. The resulting fireball and panicked stampede injured 30 people.

Ahmed Hassan is accused of attempted murder and explosives offences.

A court last week heard that Hassan was orphaned after his parents were killed in Iraq.

Prosecutor Lee Ingham told the court that an immigration officer said Hassan had been tortured in Iraq and was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

She said Hassan had expressed “anger at Tony Blair” over the war. “He had told her his parents had been killed in Iraq and he was worrying about being sent back to Iraq,” said Ingham.

Two other men arrested last week in Newport, Wales, remain in custody. Police have released three others and confirmed they will face no further action.

One of these was 21 year old Yahyah Farroukh. He was arrested outside his workplace, Aladdin’s Fried Chicken, in west London the day after the attack.

Police held him for five days before releasing him without charge on Thursday of last week. His mother suffered a heart attack due to the shock of his arrest and remains in a critical condition in Egypt.


Farroukh’s employer called on the Metropolitan Police to issue a “fully unreserved apology”. Suleman Sarwar said cops had labelled Farroukh as a “terrorist to the world”.

He added that the takeaway had received “threats” after the arrest and that the “wider Muslim community” had been put under scrutiny.

Sections of the press have used the arrests and charges to encourage fears over refugees coming to Britain. The Daily Mail newspaper called for more monitoring of children seeking asylum in Britain.

The Daily Express newspaper described Hassan as an “illegal immigrant”—implying that people here without papers should be seen as potential threats.

But people come to Britain without documents because the state makes it so difficult for people to come here legally.

And why shouldn’t people try and escape countries that the West has turned into war-torn hellholes? Politicians denouncing terror attacks in Britain are hypocrites.

They are quite happy to rain terror and death down on innocent people elsewhere on a vastly bigger scale in order to protect their own interests.

And they do so in the knowledge that this will make terrorism more, not less, likely.

Prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, spooks repeatedly warned Blair that the war would make terror attacks in Britain more likely.

Bloody wars abroad and vicious crackdowns on migrants and refugees don’t make people here safer —instead they fuel more anger.

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