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Police protect the nazis

This article is over 20 years, 9 months old
Issue 1762

No 1762 18 August 2001



  • 12-mile exclusion zone around BNP ‘festival’
  • Anti-racist and green carnivals banned

POLICE IN Mid Wales mounted a huge operation last weekend to protect a gathering by a dangerous, violent gang with a string of criminal convictions. The gathering was a “festival” near the town of Welshpool organised by the Nazi British National Party (BNP).

And the police protected it by:

  • Throwing up roadblocks to create a 12-mile exclusion zone.
  • Drafting in units from as far away as Merseyside.
  • Working with the Nazis to decide who was allowed to travel through the area and who was not.

They did all this to stop local people and other anti-Nazis protesting against the presence of the BNP. They banned anti-Nazis from the area under the 1986 Public Order Act, claiming their protest would cause “serious disruption to the life of the community”.

Yet incredibly they allowed the Nazi event to go ahead, and caused immense “disruption” themselves by shutting down roads to give the BNP thugs unimpeded access. This comes just two weeks after home secretary David Blunkett implemented demands from the police to ban the Anti Nazi League carnival planned for Burnley on 1 September.

The police and the Home Office often claim they are caught between two extremes. That is not true.

Nazism is extreme. Opposing the BNP Nazis means standing with the majority of people against racist violence and murder. But the authorities have now gone further. They are treating anti-Nazis worse than they do the BNP.

No one can allow that to stand. It will lead only to greater confidence among the Nazis.

Anti-Nazis did mobilise in Wales at the weekend. The BNP’s festival flopped. We need activity on a mass scale across Britain putting out the anti-Nazi message, encouraging the anti-Nazi majority to make their voices heard, and isolating the hardened racists.

  • See page 7 for more on the Nazis

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