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Private ‘equality’ firm found guilty of racism

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Issue 1693

Inside the system

Private ‘equality’ firm found guilty of racism

A PRIVATE education firm employed to improve racial equality in Hackney’s schools has been found guilty of race discrimination. Education consultant Nord Anglia took over the management of the Ethnic Minority Achievement Service in Hackney, east London, two weeks ago. Yet an employment tribunal has found that it sacked one of its senior managers because of his race. Nord Anglia’s millionaire chairman Kevin McNeany was singled out for criticism by the tribunal, and so was his firm’s equal opportunities policy, which was said to “go no further than the printing of documents”. After Nord Anglia took over a college in Islington, north London, its Sri Lankan manager was sacked because of his race. The college management were found guilty of unlawful discrimination “with the encouragement and at the instigation of their superiors, in particular Mr McNeany”. It was also noted that two Asian workers had been made redundant and the number of white staff had doubled in the few months after Nord Anglia took charge. Hackney council has no plans to end Nord Anglia’s contract running the 4 million Ethnic Minority Achievement Service.

Average journey times in London have gone up in the last three years. Car journey times have gone up only a little. But rail, bus and taxi journeys have all risen more, widening the gap between motoring and public transport. The Department of Transport says the average journey in the central area of London is 1.7 miles.

Car journeys over this distance averaged 29 minutes. Rail took 32 minutes. Bus took 40 minutes. All the public transport figures are up 3 to 5 percent. The quickest way to cross London remains the most dangerous-cycling.

WORKERS facing redundancy and considering what payment they might get should look at the case of Tony Ilsley. He is the chief executive of cable company Telewest, who has quit the firm with a payoff of 6 million.

Drug runner

A US army colonel who was in charge of running the US military’s anti-drugs effort in Colombia faces jail. He has admitted that he covered up his wife’s illegal heroin smuggling and money laundering. Colonel James Hiett was expected to plead guilty to the charges this week. Previously he claimed to be in the dark about his wife’s scheme to smuggle 440,000 of heroin into the US from…Colombia.

Refugees ‘saved’ to be deported

ONE YEAR on and governments across the world are deporting the Kosovans they “welcomed” during the war against Serbia. Some European countries are sending back more than they officially allowed in. Germany opened its borders to 14,689 Kosovans but has returned 25,109. Switzerland admitted 1,687 but has sent back 19,669. Governments say the higher “return” figures are partly because of people who arrived unofficially, but also because they are “taking the opportunity” to return those people who arrived from Kosovo before the war.

Judge for yourself

NEW Labour’s London mayoral candidate Frank Dobson has called on people to shop anyone driving a flashy car “with no visible means of support” to the police. The high court will soon consider a case against the police where a car with four black men in it was stopped.

A passenger says, “I was in little doubt that the only reason why we were stopped was that we were four black men travelling in a BMW car”.

HERE are two obviously unconnected facts: 22 million-amount given by individuals to Mozambique after the recent flood disaster. 23.5 million-cut in the British long term aid budget to Mozambique.

Prison sports

EIGHT PRISON officers from a Californian jail are to stand trial for organising “gladiator” fights between inmates which left seven dead and 43 injured. It is alleged the fights were held for guards’ amusement over an 11 year period.

Double whammy

FOOD GIANT Unilever is determined to get you one way or another. On Wednesday of last week the company announced it had taken over two other firms. The first is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company. The second is Slimfast, the slimming products company.

Things they say

“WE HAVE the same goals as the demonstrators-to reduce poverty all over the world.”

  • STANLEY FISCHER, head of the International Monetary Fund

“THE demonstrators say the IMF is arrogant-it doesn’t really listen. They’ll say the IMF is secretive and insulated from democratic accountability. They’ll say the IMF’s economic ‘remedies’ often make things worse. And they’ll have a point.”

  • JOSEPH STIGLITZ, chief economist at the World Bank until last November

“ONE OF my opponents was a policewoman. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to be allowed to clobber a policewoman and get paid for doing it. All my mates thought it was brilliant.”

  • Female boxing champion JANE COUCH

“I PLEAD guilty to attending Tory activist gatherings to hear shocking views comparable to Irving’s.”

  • BILL ABBOTTS in a letter to the Guardian

“COULD WE have a debate on the worsening situation in Rhodesia?”

  • Tory MP JOHN WILKINSON fails to catch up with the fact that Zimbabwe has been an independent country for 20 years

“THERE IS a Livingstone problem across the country.”

  • Unnamed SENIOR LABOUR OFFICIAL in the Guardian

“NO ONE seems to be interested in going along to stand and clap speeches they don’t really believe in.”

  • LABOUR OFFICIAL on the mass failure of local Labour branches to nominate delegates to this year’s party conference

“THERE HAVE been a number of incidents at British Nuclear Fuels sites which have led the agency to question seriously the competence [of BNFL] and its commitment to environmental protection.”

  • The government’s official ENVIRONMENT AGENCY

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