By Judith Orr
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Private space? Not for Muslims – top cop calls for new clampdown

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Issue 2455
Metropolitan Police commander for north London (right)
Metropolitan Police commander for north London (right) (Pic: Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Flickr)

In the latest crackdown on Muslims, Britain’s most senior Muslim cop has declared that there was a need to move into the “private space” of young Muslims.

Mak Chishty, Metropolitan Police commander for north London, said the cops would have to be “less precious” about this.

And he told families and friends of young Muslims they must to join in with this “private space intervention” to tackle “extremism”. 

This could include “anything from walking down the road, looking at a mobile, to someone in a bedroom surfing the net, to someone in a shisha cafe talking about things.” 

Chishty gave examples of signs of “radicalisation” to look out for. These included someone who might stop drinking or socialising. 

Another sign of extremism might even be if someone didn’t shop at Marks and Spencers.

The Tory election victory has meant the racist crackdown on Muslims is being ramped up. 


Home secretary Theresa May has already said that Muslims who don’t break the law could be targeted.

Her proposals for the coming queen’s speech included banning orders on groups and individuals, and giving regulator Ofcom more powers to censor what we can watch on television. 

Before the election May revealed that she wanted Ofcom to be able to censor programmes before broadcast.  

Even young children are seen as a potential threat.

The police in Portsmouth are “engaging with primary school children” under the banner of fighting extremism, claimed local Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes.

He claimed that “young girls at the ages of five and six” want to become “jihadi brides”. 

The Tories’ attacks are part of rising Islamophobia across Europe which is driving new attacks on Muslims’ rights.

The Dutch government has just approved plans for a bill to ban the wearing of a face veil in certain public spaces. 

Women who break this ban could be fined £288. 


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