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Protests against Trump’s Muslim ban erupt across Britain

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Some 3,000 joined a huge crowd in Glasgow
Some 3,000 joined a huge crowd in Glasgow (Pic: Duncan Brown)

Protesters filled Whitehall (Pic: Phil Rowan)

Up to 20,000 people gathered outside Downing Street in central London. Homemade placards slammed Trump—and Theresa May who invited him to Britain.

Sandra Harrison from Camden said, “I hate what Trump stands for. It’s brilliant being on such a big demonstration. We can’t stop now. They didn’t stop in America. Don’t go back to your normal life—these are not normal times.”

Sanjit agreed. “We can’t sit by like Theresa May while this atrocity takes place,” he said.

He added, “I’ve walked past demonstrations before but this is the first one I’ve taken part in. We’ve got to protest now and show Trump the world is against him.”

4-5,000 rallied in Brighton

4-5,000 rallied in Brighton (Pic: Lee Billingham)

Chants of, “Shame on May!” filled Whitehall. Protester Lesley told Socialist Worker, “When future generations look back I want to be able to tell my grandchildren I did something. I had to take a stand and say, enough is enough.”

Jacob was also on the protest. “My boyfriend is an Iranian national,” he told Socialist Worker. “He’s just been written off as of no value by the US. If you don’t speak out against this, then you are complicit.”

Many cities saw demonstrations in their thousands. Some 3,000 people marched in Glasgow.

Zara Mohammed from Muslim student organisation Fosis told the crowd, “I was woken by a message from a Muslim student in America saying, ‘What’s going to happen to me?’”.

She said it was “absolutely inspiring to see so many people across Britain protesting and saying we will not accept Trump and hate”.

In front of Manchester town hall and in Liverpool crowds of thousands chanted “Refugees in, Theresa May out!”

A civil service worker in Birmingham said, “I gave out 30 Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) badges at work this morning, then we came as a delegation to the demonstration.”

In Leeds, Neil Terry told Socialist Worker, “There were about 5,000 people protesting—mostly young, men and women, multi-racial, uniting against the common enemies of Trump and May.”

In Brighton, where one in 20 residents have signed the petition against Trump’s state visit, Lee Billingham reported “monster crowds” of 4-5,000.

Nationwide the petition has almost 1.5 million signatures and counting.

Protesters are furious with Theresa May as well as Trump

Protesters in Manchester were furious with Theresa May as well as Trump (Pic: Martin Empson)

There were over 5,000 on the protest in Edinburgh, 4000 in Bristol, 2-3000 in Nottingham, 7-800 in Exeter, 750 in Cambridge, 500 in Dundee, 400 in Preston and 100 in Huddersfield among many others.

Over 300 people gathered at Warwick University in response to a call from many student societies, reported Yiannis Gioukas.

Students and staff held home-made placards and shared messages of unity.

More protests are planned later in the week—and activists are building for nationwide demonstrations against racism on Saturday 18 March.

A week after millions joined women’s marches across the world, a new movement is showing solidarity with those fighting racism in the US and isolating May for her shameful support for Trump.

If it continues to grow it can push back the racism against migrants and Muslims that has poisoned politics for too long.

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