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Protests reduce EDL to a ‘shambles’

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Issue 2356

The English Defence League (EDL) was humiliated in towns and cities across Britain last Saturday.

It tried to use the death of Lee Rigby to spread racism. But anti-fascists blocked its thugs.

In Southampton, 140 people stopped the EDL laying a wreath.Some 120 protesters gathered in Colchester to oppose 20 EDL supporters.

The EDL had bragged about marching through Luton—but only around 60 turned up. 

Ten Nazis found themselves outnumbered by 100 anti-fascists in Norwich. 

Trade unionists, Labour councillors and the mayor joined a 200-strong Unite Against Fascism protest in Leicester. The EDL mobilised around 80 racists and “looked like a demoralised shambles”.

In Cardiff, 150 anti-fascists outnumbered nine racists. The Nottingham pub where the EDL planned to gather got so many complaints that the local authority closed it.

Over 50 people joined a UAF demo in Lancaster—12 racists showed up. A 150-strong anti-racist protest outnumbered 40 fascists in Manchester.

Around 150 people protested in against a small number of EDL in Coventry.

And in York, the EDL’s attempt to whip up Islamophobia flopped when a dozen supporters turned up to find the rail workers’ memorial occupied by 150 anti-fascists.

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