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Put anger in the ballot box

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Issue 1751

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Put anger in the ballot box

“ALMOST EVERY time the prime minister has confronted ‘real people’ he has faced criticisms about the state of the health service, the end of student grants and his refusal to renationalise the railways.” That’s how the Observer’s election commentator Peter Kellner sums up the mood among ordinary people in Britain.

The paper’s opinion poll found that “half the electorate agree that Labour has become too right wing in recent years”. But there is a chance to turn that feeling into positive action by voting socialist.

Every vote for the Socialist Alliance in England and Wales, and for the Scottish Socialist Party in Scotland sends a message of resistance to New Labour. Tony Blair has charted a course for full scale confrontation with workers and trade unions, especially in the public sector, after the election. He wants a mandate for privatisation and pro-business policies.

That is why backing socialists in this election is so crucial. In 170 constituencies the Socialist Alliance and the Scottish Socialist Party are standing on the policies outlined on page 2.

In some other constituencies there are also left wing candidates. A peace campaigner is standing against Blair. Some Green candidates are campaigning for socialist policies. Voting for these candidates will also help build the resistance.

The Socialist Alliance and Scottish Socialist Party are at the heart of the revolt against New Labour. Winning the biggest possible socialist vote will show there is an alternative to the big business stranglehold on official politics. It will help make heard the voices of millions of people who are suffering. It will encourage workers to fight back against the attacks we face now and after the election. Vote socialist on Thursday. Help the socialist campaign.

Election checklist

  • Put a socialist election poster in your window.
  • Urge everyone you know to vote socialist.
  • Ask everyone you know to help leaflet and campaign.
  • Book some time off work on Thursday to help the campaigning.
  • Make sure you vote…as long as you’re registered you don’t need a polling card-just go to the polling station between 7am and 10pm.

A SPECIAL edition of Socialist Worker will be out on Friday evening with coverage of the election results. The next full issue of Socialist Worker will be printed as usual on Tuesday evening of next week. All reports for that issue must be in by 12 noon on Monday.

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