By Isabel Ringrose
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Racist Nigel Farage says Red Wall ‘revolt’ is chance for his comeback

The odious Reform UK founder wants to scapegoat refugees and green policies
Issue 2787
Nigel Farage speaks at an event of the Brexit Party in 2019

Nigel Farage thinks the Tories’ crisis could help the fortunes of Reform UK (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Nasty far right politician Nigel Farage has returned to spew hatred against refugees and lies about climate change.

Farage, former leader of Ukip and founder of the Brexit Party—now Reform UK—used an article in the Telegraph newspaper to warn that “revolt on the Right is brewing”.

This revolt, he claims, is a threat to Boris Johnson’s hold in the so-called “Red Wall” seats previously held by Labour.

He wants to make refugees and opposition to green policies the focus of people’s anger.

According to Farage, ten years ago voters switched from the Labour Party to Ukip over “the key issues of EU membership, immigration and patriotic pride”.

Farage writes that votes for Brexit were “to take back control of our borders” but two years on “the volume of illegal Channel crossings has enraged these voters”. Taking advantage of widespread anger with Johnson and the Tories, Farage wants to pull people rightwards.

He is for border controls and deportations—unless you’re tennis player Novak Djokovic, who he supported in his appeal against being deported from Australia.

Farage is also happy to pump out the lie that a lack of social housing is due to refugees, particularly in the north east of England.

 “The north east now houses 17 times as many asylum seekers as the south east, according to the Migration Observatory,” he wrote. “The impact of this is plain for all to see.

“As the council house waiting list lengthens, there is a growing feeling that Johnson told voters what they wanted to hear about “taking back control” without really meaning it.”

Farage wants to fuel hatred towards refugees by using them as scapegoats for the growing crises in Britain around issues such as housing.

But it’s Tory and Labour governments and councils who are to blame for the lack of social housing.

Thousands of refugees are currently held in hotels as a result.

Farage also lays the blame on the increase in gas and electricity bills and taxes with the amount spent on “green subsidies”—not privatisation and greedy bosses.

He wants to divide people and limit the resistance that unity can bring, so that he can benefit instead.

He mustn’t be allowed to stoke up anger to support his politics of hate.

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