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Radical mood among students on campuses as the new university year begins

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Issue 2573
Socialists campaigning on campus
Socialists campaigning on campus (Pic: SWSS/Facebook)

As students begin a new university year many are looking at the upheaval in politics—and the possibility of change.

The was a big audience for radical ideas at many campuses (see below).

Students at Kingston university in west London spoke to Socialist Worker about a world in turmoil and their anger at the Tories.

Tyla said, “I feel really angry, especially after the Tories signed that deal with the Democratic Unionist Party. I’m from a working class family, I’m transgender and I’m gay—what does that deal mean for me?”

Rochelle felt the same. “I voted to get Theresa May out in the election,” she said. “I’m really annoyed that she’s still the prime minister.

“If I had a conversation with her she wouldn’t understand me. Jeremy Corbyn seems like someone who would understand.

“He would at least listen. That’s why I voted for him”.

Tyla - People need to protest against the Tories

Tyla – ‘People need to protest against the Tories’ (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Like Rochelle and Tyla, many students see the growth in Corbyn’s support as a reason to be optimistic.

Billie said, “I support Jeremy Corbyn—he’s a good start. During the election it was amazing to see so many people, especially young people, standing up for what they believe in and voting for him.”

And Ellie said, “Jeremy Corbyn is my favourite person. He’s not like a normal politician, he talks about socialism—that’s what we need.

“I think he got support because of the things he’s said he wants to do—like getting rid of tuition fees and dealing with student debt.”


She added, “It seems like people are starting to realise that we don’t have to put up with a Conservative government.”

Max, a student from the US, said falling wages, dead end jobs, and anger at mainstream politicians, is fuelling political turmoil.

“I’m a huge fan of Bernie Sanders, and Jeremy Corbyn,” she said. “I think anger fuels their popularity.

Many students want to fight for a better world

Many students want to fight for a better world (Pic: SWSS/Facebook)

“It used to be political suicide to call yourself a socialist in the US, but people are coming round to it—especially young people.

“They understand that it’s democratic socialism, not the Stalinism they’ve been told socialism is.”

Everyone who spoke to Socialist Worker was looking for ways to bring the Tories down as soon as possible.

Bilal said, “We’ve got to get the Tories out. A good way to do that is spreading the message online, like the little videos that Momentum do.

“We need more activism.”

And Tyla said, “People need to get together and do their best to protest against the Tories. We have to try to get things to the point where everyone says we need another election.”

Discussing the big issues

Hundreds of students have signed up for more information about the Socialist Worker Student Society (SWSS) at universities and colleges.

At several universities over 100 copies of Socialist Worker were sold.

The message of “If you hate the Tories and want to smash racism, join us!” was really popular.

Queen Mary university SWSS in east London said, “We had a brilliant time at the freshers’ event talking to new students.

“We talked about ways we can fight back against the big issues like racism, sexism and homophobia and how we can build a movement that can push the Tories out for good.”

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