By Thomas Foster
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Reform UK party and Lee Anderson hit workers and refugees

The vile Reform UK Party showed more of what it is made of this week
Issue 2899
Lee Anderso

Lee Anderson, the only MP for the Reform UK Party (Picture: David Woolfall)

Reform UK’s rotten ­politics were on display again last week. Lee Anderson—Reform UK’s only MP—said he wants to bar emergency workers from striking. 

Anderson said, “My ­personal view is that emergency workers should not be going on strike, full stop. That should be in your contract.

“What would happen if police officers went on strike, the army went on strike and prison officers went on strike? The country would come to a standstill.”

Anderson is attempting to demonise strikes by making out they are a threat to health and safety.  And he is trying to suggest that he will protect “good” ordinary people against left wing strikers who want to make their lives miserable. 

But, of course, no ­working class person will benefit from their right to strike being taken away. 

Anderson also attacked people “calling out ambulances on a daily basis who are just time wasters”. He said anyone who uses an ambulance frequently “should be charged money every single time”.

His argument ignores that many people with illness have recurring issues and often need life-saving support. Despite his hateful rhetoric support for Reform UK is growing. 

In a YouGov poll released last Wednesday, the Tories received 21 percent of the vote, and Reform UK received 16 percent.

And when the polling is split into regions, support for Reform UK jumps even higher. In the north of England, Reform UK is ­polling at 21 percent and the Tories at 18 percent. 

In the Midlands, both Reform UK and the Tories are at 21 percent. In Wales, Reform UK is at 15 percent and the Tories at 16 percent.

Right wing figures such as Anderson will likely use soaring numbers of desperate migrants crossing the Channel to ramp up racism to try and grab votes. 

Home Office figures last week showed a record number of migrants crossing the Channel during the first three months of a calendar year.

Reform UK has seized on previous figures to criticise the Tories and fuel the ­party’s own racist agenda. Anderson recently tweeted, “This great country of ours is at breaking point but there is still time to salvage things.

“Only Reform UK can stop this migration madness as the other parties are completely out of touch with the general public.” 

Anderson is wrong to say Britain is at breaking point because of refugees. Ordinary people are suffering greater levels of poverty and deprivation because of years of cuts and austerity. 

The right wing of the Tory Party will say the support for Reform UK shows that it needs to shift further to the right and escalate racist ­policies like the Rwanda bill. 

The entire leadership of Reform UK are rotten and racist to their core. Richard Tice, leader of Reform UK, said recently that Britain is facing “cultural pillage” as migration is “making us poorer culturally”.

Tice has also spoken on the need for “one single British culture” and defended the “British way of life”. 

Ben Habib, deputy leader of Reform UK, added that “the promotion of minority ethnicities and beliefs above and to the detriment of our own is killing off the United Kingdom”. 

Habib has also said, “We’ve dumbed down and required the majority of people in Britain to subjugate to other cultures.”

We can’t rely on Labour to see off Reform UK. The party only criticises the Tories’ anti‑migrant policies for not being effective enough.

We need a mass anti-racist movement on the streets that stands up to defend migrant and refugee rights.

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