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Round-up of Gaza protests across Britain

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The scale of the protests around Britain have shown the depth of the anger against Israel’s actions.
Issue 2133

The scale of the protests around Britain have shown the depth of the anger against Israel’s actions.

Around 1,500 people marched in Sheffield, over 500 in Bristol, up to 500 in Brighton, 300 in Swansea and 1,000 in strong>Leedslast Saturday.

In Bradford, some 2,500 people took over the city centre with a sea of placards, Palestinian flags, trade union banners and coffins.

Up to 500 marched in Portsmouth—the biggest demonstration there in years.

John Molyneux, secretary of Portsmouth Stop the War Coalition, said, “We had an excellent mix of people of all ages—students, trade unionists, Muslims and others.

“I was arrested by police for failing to give six days’ notice of the march. Yet Israel doesn’t have to give six days notice before it starts bombing innocent people.”

Some 5,000 people joined a march in Manchester, following daily protests at the BBC offices in the city.


“The situation is radicalising people and a new layer of activists are taking a lead,” said Mark Krantz, convenor of Manchester Stop the War Coalition.

Meanwhile, 200 marched in Exeter, over 200 in Norwich, 250 in York and 100 in Hull. Around1,000 marched through Edinburgh and 2,500 in Glasgow.

One thousand people marched through Birmingham city centre on Monday evening. The Stop the War Coalition held a huge public meeting following the protest.

Some 4,000 people marched through Preston on Sunday in the largest protest for a generation.

“There was a sea of Palestinian flags and placards and the noise of everyone chanting together was something to hear,” said Mukhtar Master, chair of Preston Stop the War Coalition.

Socialist councillor Michael Lavalette added, “The British government will not be able to plead ignorance—they know what is happening. They have a duty to act and bring the slaughter to an end.”

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