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Roy Mayall comments on new post deal

This article is over 11 years, 10 months old
Copies of the new post deal are being described by right wing newspapers as a "gold-plated" package offering "more pay for less work" but a postal worker and author of Dear Granny Smith Roy Mayall believes more could have been w
Issue 2192

The new agreement is called, in a phrase both ominous and bland, Business Transformation 2010 and Beyond. It’s a dog’s dinner of a document—hard to make sense of, with strings of letters representing previous agreements, and a general attempt to hide its message behind obscure language.

“MTSF Agreement” is used a number of times—that’s “Managing The Surplus Framework Agreement”.

“The Surplus” means surplus jobs, so “the Managing The Surplus Framework Agreement” is referring to job losses.

Or try this—“RM and CWU agree that the length of delivery span can be an enabler in bringing about mutual benefits.”

“An enabler” means longer deliveries—they can’t say that because they know we are overworked and will protest.

There are significant changes to working conditions.

One problem is junk mail. We currently take out three items per household each week and are paid separately for each item. We take home about £30 a week for this.

The agreement lifts the cap on the number and transfers it into our workload.

We will no longer be paid separately but will get a weekly supplement of £20.60, including compensation for the loss of the early shift allowance.

It will mean more work for less pay. It must be the first time in history that workers have struck for a pay cut.

Saturday working is also a problem—usually a day for time with our families, it will now be like any other. Promises of “family-friendly” policies are no compensation.


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