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Sheffield sales are the full Monty

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THE NEW mood in workplaces across Britain is shown well by the experience in one city-Sheffield.
Issue 1886

THE NEW mood in workplaces across Britain is shown well by the experience in one city-Sheffield.

Dan from Sheffield reports, “Last week we sold 58 papers outside workplaces. We always manage to relate to the workers going into the offices-be it round the top-up fees, the occupation of Iraq or the PCS dispute. In the future many civil servants will recognise us because we have been at the Hartshead Square office for the last five weeks.”

Socialist Worker supporters in Sheffield last week started a new sale at the Rockingham House DWP office and sold 15 copies. Iain, who did the sale, used to work at a civil service office nearby and helped lead a strike there when he was a temp in the 1990s.

He sold a couple of papers to people who he knew from then. Other people wanted to buy Socialist Worker because of the article on the back page about the strike written by PCS NEC member Martin John, who works in the office.

Other sales included 17 at the Moorfoot civil service workplace.

Consistency rings bell with firefighters

SARAH FROM central London says, “At Euston fire station last week I spent an hour talking to two union reps about Respect, the convention of the trade unions and Unite Against Fascism. At the end of that hour they had all three leaflets on bulletin boards, agreed to send people to the Respect conference and to the trade union convention.

“I was asked to speak at the next union branch meeting and come back the next morning to talk to the firefighters. The next morning I sold four papers. It’s important that industrial sales stay consistent before, during and after a strike. During the strike a number of organisations went to the picket lines but none of them had been consistent after the strikes.”

Interested in wider politics

JO REPORTS that she went to Walthamstow job centre to meet the workers there and see if any of them wanted Socialist Worker. Seven people bought it, some to read about the strike but also some because of the report on the World Social Forum in Mumbai.

One woman who had been on the anti-war demos particularly wanted to read the article about the demonstration called to defend women’s right to wear the hijab if they choose.

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