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Slurs of the right wing press seek to divide residents’ justice movement

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Issue 2584
Residents campaign, march and protest
Residents campaign, march and protest (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Right wing news sources have been trying desperately to undermine calls to hold those responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire to account.

It’s all part of an effort to divide the working class response to the fire. Unity is essential in the face of an establishment which is determined to close ranks.


The Times newspaper published an “investigation” into “how the far left tried—and failed—to hijack Grenfell” on Monday.

It quotes two survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire as saying they are not involved in the Justice4Grenfell campaign.

But one of the two told Socialist Worker that he explicitly asked The Times not to be quoted and that what he did say was misrepresented.

The Times appears to have since taken his quote down from its website.

The Daily Mail joined the attack on Tuesday.

The right wing papers are trying to drive a wedge between survivors, grieving families and activists. And they’ll use every dirty trick in their book to do it.

But there is no divide between campaigners and survivors.


It’s no coincidence The Times ran its smear article as procedural hearings for the inquiry began.

Key to the hearings was the demand from lawyers representing the survivors that their clients have their voices heard.

Moyra Samuels of Justice4Grenfell said, “The Times article is a way of shutting down the voices of those they don’t want to hear—the voices that criticise the state.”

The article celebrated the “dignified silence” of survivors—because the ruling class wants them to go away quietly.

But survivors and residents have only made their voices heard by campaigning, marching and protesting.

It is not a crime to be an “activist” fighting for the truth that our rulers want to hide.

It’s right to shout for justice for Grenfell and refuse to bow to pressure from the establishment.

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