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Socialists in Ireland’s parliament speak out against the EU

This article is over 7 years, 11 months old
Issue 2509

Irish prime minister Enda Kenny and the Irish political establishment have been urging Irish people in Britain to vote to remain part of the EU. He implies that Ireland’s “national interest” lies with the Remain camp.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Many Irish people were forced to emigrate because of the European Central Bank imposed severe austerity on the population in order to force us to pay off bondholders. Its President even threatened that a ‘bomb would go off in Dublin’ if there was any move not to pay off the bankers debts.

There are in fact good reasons why you should consider a vote to Leave – and these have nothing to do with the racist, right wing campaign that is led by Boris Johnson and Ukip. We would urge you to consider a vote for exit on the following left wing grounds:

  1. The EU has a democratic deficit at its core. Only the unelected EU Commission can initiate legislation. This was underlined by Commission President Juncker’s response to the election of Syriza, saying “there can be no democratic choice against the European treaties.”
  2. The EU has created battle groups which will eventually be used to fight ‘resource wars’ in the future’. These, combined with the use of Shannon airport by US warplanes expose the fictional character of ‘Irish neutrality’.
  3. The EU Lisbon Treaty demands that all countries ‘progressively increase their military capabilities’. We believe that countries should be investing more in education and health.
  4. The EU has operated a disgraceful policy of creating a Fortress Europe, turning the Mediterranean into a floating cemetery and Turkey into an open air prison camp for the refugees. It rejects the most desperate and distressed people who are fleeing war, famine and torture from countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries across Africa.
  5. The European Commission and European Central Bank as part of the ‘Troika’ together with the IMF imposed massive destructive austerity on working class people in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus. In Ireland that meant shouldering the burden of 42 percent of the cost of Europe’s banking crisis, with policies like a reduction of the minimum wage, imposition of new taxes and charges and drastic cuts to vital public services.

Issued by Anti Austerty Alliance-People Before Profit members of the Irish Parliament – 

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Brid Smith TD

Gino Kenny TD

Ruth Coppinger TD

Paul Murphy TD

Mick Barry TD

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