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South Korea: movement grows against Donald Trump’s visit

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Issue 2578
No to Trumps visit, says the placard
‘No to Trump’s visit,’ says the placard (Pic: Workers Solidarity)

US President Donald Trump is visiting South Korea on 7-8 November.

Trump has repeatedly threated to “totally destroy North Korea” and added that he has various “military options” which would be “devastating.”

He had also deployed his nuclear bombers near North Korea’s sea. All these words and actions have resulted in heightened military tension surrounding the Korean Peninsula.

Trump is openly saying that during his visits to South Korea and Japan, he will demand those governments exert even more pressure on North Korea. His visits can only contribute to more military tension.

From last year’s autumn to this year’s spring, South Koreans protested against and then pulled down the then president Park Geun-hye.

Moon Jae-in was elected as the new president.

Moon led the bourgeois opposition party, but he and his government are fully devoted to the military “ironclad” alliance with the US.

It is shameful that Moon invited Trump, gave him the highest honor of a state visit and asked him to speak in the parliament.


On 28 October it was the anniversary of the beginning of the anti-Park protests and tens of thousands of people once again gathered in the downtown square.

At the rally, demands for peace and opposition to war were one of the main themes along with the demand for “total social reform”.

From the main platform, we and other left wingers denounced Trump’s visit and informed people about the protests that are planned.

Marching on the presidential palace
Marching on the presidential palace (Pic: Workers Solidarity)

After the rally, the lefts again led the march toward the Presidential Palace, but this time to protest against the new president for inviting Trump.

Many Koreans detest Trump who said, “If thousands die, they’re going to die over there [the Korean Peninsula]. They’re not going to die over here.”

At the same time, many South Koreans want to believe that Moon can somehow persuade Trump to behave peacefully which is, of course, an illusion. But because it is the Moon government who invited Trump, the moderate forces within the movement are uncomfortable with building the anti-Trump movement.

By raising political arguments, making interventions and mobilising, the lefts are gearing up to build a peace movement that demands Moon’s government does not cooperate with Trump’s imperialist offensive.

We are doing our best to make the upcoming protests against Trump’s visit the springboard for such a movement.

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