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Stoke shows why we need to stop the EDL

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"I didn’t march in Stoke but I’m coming to Bolton".
Issue 2193

“I didn’t march in Stoke but I’m coming to Bolton”.

So says Mohammed from Stoke-on-Trent. He was convinced not to protest when the EDL came to Stoke in February.

EDL supporters went on the rampage. They attacked shops and cars and spray‑painted a local mosque with the words “EDL” and “scum”.

“The EDL and BNP are bang out of order,” Mohammed told Socialist Worker.

“Muslims are part of this society. We work and we contribute our share.

“We are good enough when they want to eat in our kebab houses and go for a night out.

“We have to stand up and defend our communities or the racists will keep coming back.”

A week after the EDL riot in Stoke, a swastika and the words “Fuck off Pakis and niggers” were spray‑painted on the student union at Staffordshire university.

Manchester school student Ed McNally will also be protesting on Saturday.

“I will not grow up in a society were fascist thugs can rampage on our streets giving Nazi salutes and holding up signs saying ‘no more mosques’” he said.

“I am proud to be part of multiracial Britain and these hooligans will not change that.”

Mohammed told Socialist Worker that it is vital that people join the protest.

“They came to Stoke and bombarded us. But we can stop them in Bolton.

“We saw what the EDL is really like in Stoke and we have to stop it.

“Some people will be scared to come out, but if we have large enough numbers we can beat the EDL back.”

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