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Stop BNP Nazis from spreading their hate

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The fascist British National Party (BNP) is hoping to use its summer "festival" as a rallying point to promote its Nazi politics – but anti-fascists are determined to stop its plans.
Issue 2159

The fascist British National Party (BNP) is hoping to use its summer “festival” as a rallying point to promote its Nazi politics – but anti-fascists are determined to stop its plans.

The BNP claims its annual “Red, White and Blue” event is a “family festival” – but in fact it is a fascist rally dedicated to spreading race hatred.

In previous years the “festival” has included playing SS marching songs as entertainment.

This year the BNP’s hate-fest will take place on 15 August in the village of Codnor in Derbyshire.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) has called a national demonstration against the event.

Activists are booking transport to get maximum numbers along to surround – or “kettle” – the event.

Experience shows that whenever the fascists gain in confidence an increase in racist attacks follows.

The Times reported this week that police have been questioning 32 people over a planned right wing bombing campaign against mosques. Rocket launchers, pipe bombs and firearms have been seized.

Police are said to have recovered a BNP membership card from one suspect’s address.

The BNP wants to use the Red, White and Blue event to gather together supporters in an attempt to build on the election of two BNP members to the European parliament.

When the BNP’s membership list was leaked last year, it revealed that there is a large gap between the BNP’s growing electoral support and its actual membership – which remains relatively small.

It clearly hopes to use events such as the Red, White and Blue to attract and harden up a wider layer of Nazi activists.

Former Burnley councillor Maureen Stowe left the BNP in 2004 after she saw through the Nazi party’s lies.

She told Socialist Worker at the time that attending just ten minutes of a Red, White and Blue festival was enough for her to see the sinister fascist core at the centre of the BNP.

The BNP will try to use the “festival” to cement its alliances with Nazi parties in Europe.

Last year it invited Petra Edel–mannova, leader of the virulently anti-Roma Czech National Party, to the “festival”. Edelmannova has written a publication entitled The Final Solution of the Gypsy Question.

Last year’s invited guests also included Marc Abramsson, leader of the National Democrats, a Swedish Nazi party.

Abramsson has campaigned for “racially pure kindergartens” in Sweden that would exclude all non-white children.

His party has also organised gangs to attack gay pride marches in Sweden.

Other Nazi guests at this year’s event are likely to include representatives of the Jobbik Party in Hungary.

Jobbik won three of Hungary’s 22 European parliament seats in last month’s elections on the back of anti-Roma campaigns.

Last weekend hundreds of members of the party’s paramilitary wing, the Hungarian Guard, took to the streets of Budapest after the appeal court upheld a decision that the organisation had violated the rights of Roma citizens.

Jobbik leader Gabor Vona was at the centre of the disturbances and was among around 200 people arrested.

Weyman Bennett, the joint general secretary of UAF, told Socialist Worker, “Anti-fascists across Britain are organising a massive protest to surround and smother the BNP ‘festival’.

“We know that thousands of people were horrified at the BNP’s election gains.

“This is a chance to do something about them.”

UAF national conference
10am-5pm, Saturday 18 July, Manchester Central Hall, Central Building, 4–5 Oldham Street, Manchester.

Stop ‘Red, White and Blue’ festival
Rally in Codnor, Derbyshire, at 9am on Saturday 15 August

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