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Stop the killer coming to Britain

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IT'S OFFICIAL. US president George Bush will make a state visit to Britain in just over five weeks time, on 19, 20 and 21 November.
Issue 1872

IT’S OFFICIAL. US president George Bush will make a state visit to Britain in just over five weeks time, on 19, 20 and 21 November.

Confirmation of the visit is provoking anger across Britain.

No wonder. Bush is the world’s biggest warmonger.

He and his vicious little poodle Tony Blair waged a war in Iraq to increase US domination of the world.

For that thousands of Iraqis were slaughtered during the invasion. And for that US and British troops are running a brutal occupation, costing 1,000 Iraqi lives every week.

Anger at Bush’s visit must be turned into protest and action. Bush cannot be allowed to parade through London enjoying all the trappings of a state visit.

On 15 February this year two million people marched in London against war, on Britain’s biggest ever demonstration.

Since then many others who were unsure about the war or who actually supported it have changed their minds.

They feel betrayed and are as angry with Bush and Blair as those who always opposed the war. All of these people will want to do something to stop Bush’s visit.

Stop the War Coalition convenor Lindsey German says, ‘We’re already getting a fantastic response from all over the country, with people saying they want to come to London to protest at the chief warmonger being invited to Britain at taxpayers’ expense to celebrate the war.

‘We expect hundreds of thousands of people to join protests and demonstrations at his visit.’

If we mobilise now the scale of the threatened protests can force the cancellation of Bush’s visit.

That would be an utter humiliation for both Bush and Blair, a victory for all those opposed to US imperialism around the world.

Even if we do not stop Bush coming, we can make it impossible for him to swan around London and enjoy banquets and parades.

Any action we take will have a direct impact on the killers who rule over us.

The media will not be able to ignore our protests because they will be all over a Bush visit.

Act now to build protests

  • Raise Bush’s visit in your workplace or union branch, college or school, community, tenants’ or activists’ group, with your friends and family- wherever you can.

  • Pull together the networks in every town and every workplace, in every college and on every street to discuss how to mobilise against Bush.

  • Campaign now with petitions, posters, and flyers in every high street and market, outside every train, tube or bus station, outside workplaces, colleges and schools.

    It is unthinkable that we let Bush’s arrival pass as a normal day in workplaces, colleges and schools.

    Already Socialist Worker is getting reports of workers discussing what action they can take-including walkouts and stoppages. We are hearing of colleges where students are already organising occupations.

    All that, and much more, is possible. Anger against Bush will exist in every corner of the country. It can be turned into effective action-if we act now to mobilise around a single and simple demand: Stop Bush.

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