By Sophie Squire
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Anti-war day of action says ‘Russian troops out, no to Nato escalation’

It's vital to build the anti-war movement as the West and Russia ramp up their imperialist proxy war over Ukraine
Issue 2084
Stop The War supporters march in Glasgow, one on the left hand side holds a megaphone, another two SWP flags

On the Stop The War march in Glasgow

Hundreds of activists joined Stop The War (STW) protests, speak-outs and stalls across Britain on Saturday as part of an international day of action over Ukraine. They demanded, “Russian troops out, no to Nato escalation,” as the country descends further into a proxy war between US and Russian imperialism. 

Up to 300 people joined a demonstration in Glasgow. Keir, STW Scotland co-chair, told Socialist Worker, “The protest today was important. It showed that ordinary people want to show their opposition to Western leaders’ efforts to further escalate the war in Ukraine. 

“All this does is serve imperialist interests of the US, the EU and Britain. We protested to say no to a bloody proxy war between the Western powers and Russia.”

“And it was also vital that today we stand in solidarity with the anti-war movement in Russia who oppose Vladimir Putin.”  

Trade unionists joined the march in Glasgow—including from the UCU, Unite and RMT unions. People heard speeches from representatives of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Afghan Human Rights Foundation. 

As people marched, they chanted, “Say it loud, say it clear—all refugees are welcome here,” and, “Money for jobs and education, not for bombs and escalation.” Placards read, “Stop war,” and, “Scrap Trident.” 

Glasgow student activist Laura said those in power “will always have money for war but not people’s lives.” “It won’t be lost on people that we are being fed lies about there not being enough to go round,” she said. “In Glasgow people are angry about things like the housing crisis, but that’s not important to our leaders who are more interested in funding wars.” 

Laura finished her speech saying that today’s protest was an essential first step forward for STW in Glasgow. “It’s been a good start for students in particular,” she said. “I think some of us felt we couldn’t speak out, but getting onto the streets has given people confidence.” 

In London, STW supporters held a series of campaigning stalls, including in Islington and Enfield in north London and Hackney and Newham in east London. Newham STW activist Josh said it was “lively with lots of support” including from local Ukrainian people. He said “there was a lot more general support” as the war escalates compared to a few weeks ago.

Ukrainian Anton, who signed the petition and took away an STW poster, said, “It’s a war between the US and Russia being fought on Ukrainian territory”.

Meanwhile, activists also held protests and stalls in Bournemouth, Brighton and Hove, Liverpool, Norwich and Huddersfield. Stop The War and others have called for another day of action on Saturday 25 June ahead of the Nato warmonger’s summit in Madrid in the Spanish state. As the West and Russia escalate their brutal war over Ukraine, it’s vital to keep building opposition and hit the streets again. 

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