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Tax dodgers are parasites in paradise

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The ultra-rich and corporations do anything to save money
The ultra-rich and corporations do anything to save money

Imagine being in a supermarket and seeing wealthy, well-dressed people passing through a special checkout.

They have better shopping but pay less for it.

There is also a large unexplained item added to your shopping bill, which is used to subsidise their purchases.

“Sorry,” says the supermarket manager. “If we didn’t charge you more they would shop elsewhere.”

That’s how the race to the bottom over tax works.

While the ultra-rich and corporations do everything to avoid paying taxes, politicians compete to make us “attractive for investment”.

The huge multinationals such as Apple and Nike scuttle their cash around the globe in a desperate but effective way of avoiding tax.

It’s not just that most people have no choice about paying tax.

According to Oxfam nine out of ten of the largest companies in the world use tax havens.

Many of the havens are British-run overseas territories and crown dependencies such as Jersey and the Isle of Man.

The queen’s private estate invested £10 million in offshore vehicles.

Some of this money went on a stake in Brighthouse, a firm that makes its loot charging poor people over the odds for TVs.

After the last giant leak of tax documents there were calls for tighter enforcement.

But the real solution is to take the wealth off the rich.

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