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Terrorism and murder by Israel

This article is over 18 years, 4 months old
and Labour's Jack Straw is an accomplice, says Respect MP George Galloway
Issue 1894

ISRAEL’S ASSASSINATION of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin has provoked fury among Palestinians and across the world. But British foreign secretary Jack Straw’s main response was to call the killing a tactical error that was ‘very unlikely to achieve its objective’. George Galloway MP, who heads the Respect coalition’s list for the European Parliament in London, said, ‘The murder of Sheikh Yassin is an act of criminal insanity from the criminally insane prime minister Sharon.

‘The ‘terrorising’ of Hamas has enabled Sharon’s government to carry out quite unprecedented-and highly illegal-assassinations by missile and bullet. It’s state murder, nothing else. It’s clear that the go-ahead for the killing of Sheikh Yassin was given by Sharon, against even the protests of his coalition partners, and that the blood is on his hands-which isn’t exactly a novel experience for him. By rights he should be dragged before an international criminal court.

‘The blood of the sheikh, rather than harming Hamas, will only provide a transfusion to the movement. ‘We’re going to see more violence, and counter-violence. The road map to peace in the Middle East has been obliterated in gore.

‘Jack Straw’s condemnation rings hollow given the consistently warlike nature of his policy towards the Arab world. ‘Straw pushed the European Union into taking the catastrophic decision to declare Hamas ‘terrorists’, and from that the tragic consequences inevitably flowed.

‘Straw is the co-signatory on the sheikh’s death warrant, along with Sharon, and he must share responsibility.’

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