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The dark side of the Brexit Party that Nigel Farage wants to keep hidden

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Issue 2654


Nigel Farage addressing supporters in Peterborough last week
Nigel Farage addressing supporters in Peterborough last week (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Nigel Farage thinks tackling climate change “isn’t terribly intelligent,” wants privatisation in the NHS and calls racist ­scaremongering over immigration “the truth”.

The Brexit Party leader’s vile views were exposed during a BBC interview with Andrew Marr last weekend.

Marr asked Farage if he stood over a series of comments he has made. These included the claim that HIV positive people shouldn’t be allowed into Britain.

Farage replied, “Do I think the National Health Service is there for British people? Yes, I absolutely do.”

Asked if he still wants to replace the NHS with an insurance-based system of health care he said, “I’d like to take the burden off the NHS.”

Farage also stood over a racist poster he unveiled in 2016 showing a line of refugees with the words, “Breaking point.” “It was the truth,” he said.

Asked if he still thought that worrying about climate change is “the stupidest thing in human history” he downplayed Britain’s emissions. And he said it “isn’t terribly intelligent” to take measures to protect the planet.

The Brexit Party is riding high in the polls for the European elections on 23 May and has held big rallies across Britain.

But aside from supporting Brexit with no deal, the party has unveiled no manifesto or policies.

Farage was furious to be questioned on some of his other opinions.

“I’ve never in my life seen a more ridiculous interview,” he fumed.


Farage has criticised Ukip leader Gerard Batten for cosying up to fascist Tommy Robinson. He said it meant the Ukip “brand is now tarnished”.

That doesn’t make him or his Brexit Party progressive. During a tour of Australia last year Farage called Robinson “brave”.

The Brexit Party’s national election agent Noel Matthews has defended Robinson and complained that he has been “persecuted”.

Farage is also under fire for criticism of billionaire George Soros that echoes antisemitic conspiracy theories.

And the Brexit Party has attracted nasty supporters, some of whom were suspended from the Tories for Islamophobia.

Former Tory council candidate Dorinda Bailey was suspended after agreeing with a social media post saying the “whole fucking lot” of mosques should be bombed.

Simon Dearsley runs a Facebook page called “Brexit Party supporters”. He has said that racist Enoch Powell was “right” and has posted an image of himself impersonating Adolf Hitler.

Luke Nash-Jones runs another Facebook group, “the Brexit Party—Supporters”. He was part of a far right attack on the socialist Bookmarks bookshop last year.

Registered Brexit Party supporter Sandra Blake wrote on Facebook that she wants to “halt an Islamic invasion”.

Catherine Blaiklock, the first Brexit Party leader, resigned in March after it was revealed that she had deleted a series of anti-Islam posts on Twitter.

Just another club for the rich

The Brexit Party boasts that it has united left and right, and has attracted people “from all walks of life”.

In reality it’s a home for bosses and bigots.

Its candidate in the 6 June Peterborough by-election is Mike Greene.

He’s a super-rich lifelong Tory and businessman whose claim to fame is appearing on the Secret Millionaire TV show. Greene made his millions in retail—advising firms on people’s shopping habits—and through property investments.

He’s since launched a syndicate to advise other people on how to make money.

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