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The force against nukes

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Issue 1744

The force against nukes

UP TO 1,000 people joined an angry protest outside Downing Street last Saturday to tell Tony Blair not to back George Bush’s mad “Son of Star Wars” project. The protest united veteran anti-nuclear campaigners with students, socialists and anti-globalisation activists. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) groups came from as far afield as Blackpool and Exeter.

Veteran CND campaigner Bruce Kent summed up the mood when he said, “In the 1980s they thought we were all mad. But now it’s obvious we’re the people of common sense. We don’t believe in the global free market, but global citizenship.” Dave Knight, chair of CND, welcomed the support of the Socialist Alliance and Globalise Resistance and then said, “I wish luck to all those standing in the general election against “Son of Star Wars” and nuclear weapons.

“We need a revolution in parliament and through the mass movement of people.” Demonstrators blocked Whitehall, forcing cars and tourist buses to turn back. They then held an impromptu march to Trafalgar Square.

“It’s brilliant to see so many people here,” student Claire Taylor told Socialist Worker. “Bush is a global hate figure and yet Tony Blai r cravenly supports him. The US wants to dominate not only land and sea, but space to . “Bush has ripped up the Kyoto agreement on climate change. He is subservient to the oil companies. If we don’t act Bush, backed by Britain, will walk all over the planet.

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