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The Iraqi Resistance speaks out

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TONY BLAIR stood alongside Iyad Allawi, Iraq’s thuggish prime minister, last week and denounced the resistance as "terrorists". Blair then claimed that a "new Iraqi conflict" was raging. But there is no "new"
Issue 1920

“The people of Fallujah have risen in rebellion,” says Sheikh Khalil Ibrahim from the Beni Tamim tribe of Fallujah. “The Americans cannot enter large parts of the city. We say to America and its allies—get out of our country.”

He made a direct appeal to the British people— “The people of Fallujah ask the British people to put pressure on Tony Blair to withdraw their occupying forces from Iraq.”

Sheikh Ibrahim dismissed claims that the resistance is being run by foreigners. “The resistance in Fallujah is controlled by the people of Fallujah,” he said.

Samira al-Gaylani from Baghdad attacked US claims that Iraq would descend into civil war if occupying troops left the country.

“Iraq has been mixed for 7,000 years,” she said. “The resistance has general support among the Iraqi people.” US troops had tied her son to a tank for six hours and beaten him up.

Dr Fatima Saloum from Baghdad said occupying troops were preventing the reconstruction of Iraq—“It is the ordinary people who began rebuilding the schools and cleaning the streets.”

She added that Iraqis felt sorry for ordinary US and British soldiers sent out to Iraq—“Most of them are very young—just boys really.”

“We feel sympathy for Rose Gentle and other mothers who have lost their sons. But we blame Bush and Blair for making these young men our enemies.”


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