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The issues that will not go away

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Issue 1678

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Global warming – War – Workers’ rights

The issues that will not go away

THE BARBARITIES which marked the last century have continued into this one. War rages in Chechnya and in central Africa. The climatic changes caused by global warming have brought disaster to Venezuela. Across the world millions of people continue to starve and live in poverty.

The hyped up millennium messages from Tony Blair and other leaders served only to highlight the chasm between the super-rich elite, who dominate the world, and everyone else. But the mass protests against the World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle in the US six weeks ago showed that there is hope for a better future. The spirit of Seattle has not evaporated. The issues people fought over on the Seattle streets are inspiring resistance across the world and in this country. Everyone who is sick and angry at the injustice global capitalism brings needs to be part of that mood. There are plenty of issues to get stuck into right away:

  • We need to continue to build campaigns that demand an end to all Third World debt.
  • Opposition should continue to be built against the WTO and firms like Monsanto which want us to eat GM foods, or the car corporations which profit from pollution.
  • Those sparks of resistance we are beginning to see in Britain from groups such as rail and bus workers need to be encouraged with swift solidarity organised in every workplace.
  • We should organise the maximum opposition to Blair’s attempts to block Ken Livingstone from becoming Labour’s candidate for London mayor.
  • The New Labour government’s law on trade union rights will be phased in over the next six months, with workplace recognition being the final stage. That means every worker in an unrecognised workplace needs to start building up union membership now.
  • Any attempt by the press and the right wing to scapegoat groups such as asylum seekers has to be vigorously opposed

Socialist Worker urges its readers to build the mood against capitalism that is spreading wider. The fight is on to fuel the resistance and to link the different fights together so that they develop into a powerful movement for change.

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