By Simon Basketter
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The Sun wot made it up – peddling lies about migrants

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Issue 2526

The hyped up media war on refugees escalated this morning, Friday, in a slightly bizarre way.

Sun front page

Friday’s Sun

The Sun newspaper shouted, “MOTD Host Fury – Calls for BBC to fire Lineker as he peddles migrant lies -OUT ON HIS EARS”.

The Sun was the one making the calls. Gary Lineker is the Match of the Day host and former England football captain. His crime was retweeting an online rumour that one of the refugees who the tabloids have branded as – shock – not children, might have been an interpreter.

The Home Office has refused to comment on the arriving refugees.

The age of the person whose photo appeared in the Sun is unknown. So its repeated claim that he is “38” is, as the Sun likes to call it, lying. Most of the guesses in the press about the age of migrants are nonsense.  As are the statements of tooth-puller Tory MP David Davies, 58, who said, “I question if the BBC should be employing him when he seems to be using his fame to push out his rather emotive and controversial views.”

Sun lie1

Sun “migrant lie”

Sun lie apology

Sun “migrant lie” apology

Sun lie

Another Sun “migrant lie”

Another Sun migrant lie apolgy

Another Sun “migrant lie” apology

The Sun being hypocritical is not surprising. That they chose the day that their paid liar Mazher Mahmood was sentenced for 15 months in prison for perverting the course of justice is no doubt a coincidence.

But the paper that lied over Hillsborough and every struggle of working class people for decades knows how to make things up.

In 2015 The Sun headlined a story, “For every hard working foreigner there are two claiming benefits, says report”. 

Four days later The Sun printed an apology saying, “Migration Watch actually said that while about 70 percent of migrants are in work, those with stronger economic characteristics outnumber those with weaker ones two to one.”

Confused? This is because the Migration Watch report had tried to find a way to suggest that migrants claim a disproportionate amount of benefits. The report itself was a shoddy attempt to undermine statistics that show that migrants claim less in benefits than they contribute.But that wasn’t enough for The Sun.

It wasn’t the first time. In 2013 the Sun screamed, “EU are kidding: 600,000 benefit tourist no problem.”

As night followed day so did the apology. 

The Sun and the other right wing press are the ones peddling migrant lies.

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