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The workers are fighting for our children and grandchildren

This article is over 14 years, 8 months old
The Vestas occupiers are sealed away inside the factory, only visible on a high balcony behind a steel fence. They are communicating with the outside world by mobile phone and computer. It has now been over a week since they have seen their fa
Issue 2162

‘Violet here is 16 months old. Luke left on Monday after she’d gone to bed. She woke up and he wasn’t there.

She misses her daddy. But it’s completely worth it for what they’re doing.

I can’t move house because I’m a full-time carer for my grandparents. And it’ll be impossible for Luke to find another job on the island.

Employers have always been able to cherry pick people here. As soon as you kick up a fuss about anything, they fire you.

We’ve been here every day to show our support.

The demonstrations have been amazing. People inside wouldn’t be the same without them—they’re a huge boost.

The same goes for the protests around the world. They can see them on the computer.

It upsets me when people say they don’t want wind turbines to get built, or they don’t care. This is for Violet, and her children and grandchildren. We’ve got to think about future generations.

What’s happening here is important on so many different levels. It affects each worker’s family, their extended family, the towns they live in, the island, the country—and the whole world needs green energy. If you break it down like that it affects every single person.

Over the last few years so much industry here has gone.

Companies move all over the world looking for cheaper labour. They’re already making huge profits but they’re just greedy.

It’s alright for them, sitting in their big offices. They don’t see people like us.’

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