By Drew McEwan
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Thousands demand second Scottish independence referendum

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Another march in Glasgow in August also demanded a second Scottish independence referendum
Another march in Glasgow in August also demanded a second Scottish independence referendum (Pic: Twitter/@Oakroyd)

Last weekend marked the second anniversary of the Scottish Independence referendum.

Two separate rallies in Glasgow, joined by around 2,000 people, revived something of the colour of the referendum campaign—and the expectations of what an independent Scotland would bring.

In the last two years the Scottish National Party (SNP) has had 56 MPs elected.

The SNP continues its dominance of the Scottish parliament and is expected to do very well in local elections next year.

Those two years have also seen the almost complete demolition of the once dominant Scottish Labour Party, now reduced to a rump of the force it once was.


The prospect of the SNP securing the councils of major cities such as Glasgow is now a very real possibility.

Scottish Labour is in a crisis about how to respond.

For socialists the sight of independence rallies can sometimes grate a little with the display of Saltire flags and Scottish football tops.

But the aspirations of the people who turn out at them is vastly different from that narrow nationalist perspective.

The number of Palestinian flags and the rainbow flag of LGBT+ liberation present showed the grassroots movement for independence is marked by a progressive politics. People want an independent Scotland that opposes austerity, encourages diversity, welcomes refugees and plays no part in imperialist wars. And they don’t simply follow the SNP blindly.

There is continuing pressure on the SNP to press hard for a second independence referendum. But there were no official SNP speakers at either of the rallies.

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