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Thousands-strong demo in London says ‘Stop Turkey’s war on Kurds’

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Issue 2493
Rallying against the Turkish states war on the Kurdish people
Rallying against the Turkish state’s war on the Kurdish people (Pic: Socialist Worker )

Thousands of people joined a powerful demonstration In London today, Sunday, to say “Stop Turkey’s war on the Kurds”.

Demonstrators were protesting against the Turkish armed forces and police’s ongoing murders, bombings and lock-downs in Kurdish areas.

Some 2.5 million people have been affected by the lock-downs of Kurdish areas for more than six months.

Opposition parties and human rights groups have recently said that the attacks have forced 200,000 Kurdish civilians to leave their homes.

Just last week Turkish police arrested Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry while she was visiting the city of Diyarbakir. McGarry, who was later released, dared to record the sound of bombs falling. 

McGarry came to the march today to underline her backing for the Kurdish people’s struggle.

The march was called by Kurdistan National Congress UK, Peace in Kurdistan and London Kurdish Solidarity. It was supported by many organisations, including Day-Mer, Gik-Der, the Green Party, the Stop the War Coalition and the PCS and TSSA unions.

Today’s demonstration was major step forwards for a united solidarity campaign.

Speaking at the start of the march for the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), Charlie Kimber condemned the Turkish assault on the Kurds.

He said, “A great crime has been committed by the murderous Turkish state, but it is also a crime to cover-up for the crime as the BBC has done.

“David Cameron has blood on his hands.” 

He added, “The US, the British, the Russian’s intervention, the Syrian regime—none of these will provide the liberation of the Kurdish people. The Kurds must rely on their own strength and we must stand with them.”

Kimber also called for the British government to lift the ban on the Kurdish PKK group. He invited all of those on the protest to join the 19 March Stand Up to Racism demonstrations.

A campaign was launched from the demonstration to increase solidarity with the Kurds against the Turkish state (see below). 


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