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Threat of fascist election gains: Stop Griffin’s BNP Nazi party

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The fascist British National Party (BNP) is threatening to make real gains at the general election, but anti-fascist mobilisation can stop them
Issue 2198

The fascist British National Party (BNP) is threatening to make real gains at the general election.

Anti-Nazi campaigners have just two weeks to get as many people out on the streets as possible to campaign for people to use their vote against the BNP.

The BNP is standing for more than 700 council seats across Britain, its highest number ever.

It is also putting up more than 300 parliamentary candidates.

The Nazis’ major target area is Barking & Dagenham in east London, where they are standing their fuhrer Nick Griffin for MP.

In the last few weeks the BNP has called on its activists to get to the borough to help its campaign. Last time round the BNP stood in 13 council wards, and won 12 seats.

This time they are standing in 34 seats—and they only need a majority of 26 to control Barking council. This is a real possibility.

In Stoke, their other main target area, they currently hold seven seats. Two are up for re-election and they are standing four new candidates.

But there are also a number of far right and fascist “independents” standing in the area. Because of the peculiarities of Stoke and the vast number of parties and independents standing, they could come close to forming the largest bloc on the council.

But thousands of anti-fascist activists have been out across Britain, building the campaign to stop the BNP.

Every trade unionist, work colleague, student, pensioner and anti-racist and anti-fascist activist across Britain must join the campaign.

The BNP can grow—but a vibrant campaign can stop them.

We need to remind people of what the BNP truly represent—violent Nazi thugs.

Join the UAF day of action this Sunday 25 April.

Barking: Meet 11am, Jazzie Jake Caribbean restaurant, 8-10 North Street

Stoke: Meet at 12 noon outside Sainsbury’s, London Road, Stoke. Go to »

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