By Sadie Robinson
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Tories lash out at migrant workers

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Issue 2469
Cameron and May joined an immigration raid in a sick stunt last year
Cameron and May joined an immigration raid in a sick stunt last year (Pic: Number 10)

Not content with demonising refugees, Tory home secretary Theresa May has gone on the offensive against all migrants.

Office for National Statistics figures recently showed that net migration to Britain has hit a record high of 330,000. May told the Sunday Times newspaper that the figures are “unsustainable”.

She wrote that immigration “puts pressure on infrastructure, such as housing and transport, and public services, such as schools and hospitals.”

In reality services are suffering because the Tories have slashed their funding and opened them up to the market. There’s a crisis in housing because successive governments sold off council housing and let private landlords charge what they like.

None of this has anything to do with migrants. And we have the resources to vastly expand services to provide for a growing population. But the Tories would prefer that wealth stays with their rich mates.

May argued that only migrants from Europe who have a job to come to should be allowed into Britain. 

She tried to redefine the idea of “free movement” of workers to mean freedom to move only if you have a job.

Some right wing newspapers, along with the racist Ukip party, have singled out Romanian and Bulgarian migrants for attack. 

The figures do show a sharp rise in the number of people coming to Britain from Romania and Bulgaria over the last 12 months.

But they also show that many more people have come from the 15 countries that have been members of the European Union since before 2004.

Some 116,000 people came to Britain from these countries, including Germany, Spain and Italy, in the year up until March. 

That compares to 53,000 who came from Romania and Bulgaria.

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