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Tories scrap their bond plan to deter immigrants

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Issue 2378

The Tories have scrapped their much heralded plan to force some immigrants to put up a bond of £3,000 before coming to Britain.

The scheme intended to make visitors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Ghana pay a refundable bond to “deter” them from overstaying. 

Such an amount makes travel possible only for those who can afford it. 

These vindictive measures were an attempt to show the government is tough on immigration.

This is came at a time when the right is baying for blood, saying immigration is responsible for social problems.

Socialist Worker has always argued against any immigration controls. 

Immigrants are not the cause of poverty, unemployment, bad housing or the recession. All the talk of immigrants being a drain is just an attempt to divide workers against each other.

But a recent study shows that their figures don’t even add up on their own terms. 

The biggest survey on recent immigration to Britain since 2000  confirms that immigrants have made a “substantial” contribution.

Over that period such immigrants were 45 percent less likely to receive benefits or tax credits than the existing population. 

This was partly because they tend to be young adults.

However even if they are only compared with the same section of the existing population the figure is still only 23 percent.

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