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Tories still wage their war on low paid migrant workers

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Issue 2700
Detention centres should be shut down
Detention centres should be shut down (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The Tories are pushing ahead with their racist assault on some of the lowest paid migrants.

The Home Office confirmed last week that migrants deemed “low skilled” would have no opportunity to make a life in Britain after Brexit.

It’s part of a new “points-based immigration system” that creates a false division between “skilled” and “unskilled workers”. Those in the latter group will only able to come on short-term visas.

The government’s guidance included leaving routes open for fruit-pickers, partly due to fears of shortages because of coronavirus.

It shows the hypocrisy of the Tories, who praise workers for keeping society running while at the same time shutting them out.

Meanwhile, further cases of coronavirus have been confirmed inside Britain’s immigration dentition centres.

The Tories were forced to release around 300 people last month, but charities and lawyers are still pushing for more to be set free.

Anti-racists have to keep up the fight to shut down all the centres.

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