By Gabby Thorpe
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Trump’s state of the union speech was a celebration of racism and the rich

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Issue 2691
Donald Trump celebrated success for the rich
Donald Trump celebrated success for the rich

Donald Trump gave his state of the union address on Tuesday evening, spurred on by the prospect of unsuccessful attempts by his opponents to impeach him.

He attacked socialism, lied about economic growth and boasted about his assaults on migrants. Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was in the audience to hear him as a special guest.

Trump claimed that the US economy was “the best it has ever been” despite figures showing a stagnation in wage growth and continued attacks on workers’ rights.

Trump’s real achievement is, as he said, that “US stock markets have soared 70 percent”.

The tax cuts introduced early in Trump’s administration has seen massive handouts for bosses.  Meanwhile many American households are poorer today than before the 2007 economic crisis. 

The audience gave a standing ovation to Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido who was in attendance.

The US recognises Guaido as the “interim president” of Venezuela – despite his failed coup attempt in May last year.

Trump praised Guaido, claiming that socialism was a “threat to every nation” and that only “freedom unifies the soul.”


He went on to present the presidential medal of freedom to far right talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh has repeatedly used his media platforms to spread racist and homophobic ideas.

His song “Barack the Magic Negro” claimed that president Barack Obama “makes guilty whites feel good” and that Obama is “black, but not authentically”.

Limbaugh described a woman who wanted her university to alter its health insurance to cover contraception as a “slut” and “prostitute”.

During his virulent attack on socialism, Trump called attempts to introduce Medicare for all a “socialist takeover”.

Trump himself has not put forward a healthcare plan, instead allowing big pharma to continue to profit from people’s illnesses.

The address also served as a chance to show off Trump’s attacks on migrants. He said that he had secured the US-Mexico border and built over 100 miles of border wall.

Trump has achieved his anti-migrant aims by separating thousands of migrant families at the US-Mexico border and ramping up raids on migrant workplaces and homes.

In January last year, he introduced his Remain in Mexico program which allows border guards to return non-Mexican refugees to dangerous locations in Mexico while their cases are still being decided.

As of November last year, over 56,000 refugees had been “returned”.

Trump stacked the “radical left” for seeking to “provide unlimited free healthcare” for immigrants. Democrat speaker Nancy Pelosi, who stood behind Trump, was quick to disassociate the Democrats from this position by declaring “not true.”

If Trump wins a second term than the attacks are bound to get worse. The state of the union showed that he is happy to put profit ahead of workers and minorities.

Efforts to remove Trump from office by manoeuvres in Congress have failed. Now ordinary people in the US need to mount a mass movement against him.

Counting continued on Wednesday and Thursday in the Iowa Democratic primary. With 97 percent of precincts having reported their totals, Bernie Sanders was leading in the total votes won on the final ballot. He had 44,753 votes, Pete Buttigieg had 42,253 and Joe Biden had 23,051. Because of the strange system of converting these figures to delegates, much of the press will report that Buttigieg has won. But Sanders had the highest number of votes.

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