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Ukraine in crisis – say no to imperialist war games

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Issue 2393

The arrival of Russian troops on the streets of Crimea is producing an ­ever?­escalating war of words from global political leaders.

What began as a battle of competing ­oligarchs in Ukraine saw thousands take to the streets and a president fall. The protests left a slightly different group of criminal bosses in charge. But the ­weakness of the left also meant the ­fascists increased their influence. 

Instead of ordinary people gaining from the revolt, local politicians are stoking up regional and ethnic divisions. 

This already grim situation has now been overtaken by international rivalry. The big imperial powers want to pull Ukraine into their spheres of influence. 

Russian president Vladimir Putin claims there has been an “unconstitutional ­takeover” of Ukraine by the West.

US president Barack Obama claims Russia is on the “wrong side of history”. But his rhetoric disguises the West’s own struggle for influence.  

So, as the Russian Gazprom firm announced an end to gas price discounts for Ukraine, the US hailed the coming of IMF aid—and austerity. 

Ordinary Ukrainian people gain nothing from either Russian intervention or from further expansion of US and European Union influence. It’s a cruel and crude power struggle and the guaranteed losers are the people of the region. 

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