By Tomáš Tengely-Evans
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Unite and stop the racists and fascists on 9 December

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Issue 2632
Standing up to Nazis and racists in central London earlier this year
Standing up to Nazis and racists in central London earlier this year (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Anti-racists are mobilising against a planned march called by Nazi Tommy Robinson on Sunday 9 December.

Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism have called a ­counter?mobilisation in London. It is backed by the Muslim Council of Britain and Democracy for Brazil UK.

His announcement comes after a tens of thousands-strong national demonstration against racism and fascism in London earlier this month.

It brought together people from across the left and labour and trade union movements.

That same sense of unity and breadth of mobilisation needs to be on the streets to oppose Robinson’s racist thugs.

Riccardo La Torre, FBU union Eastern regional secretary, was part of a firefighters’ delegation to the demonstration.

He told Socialist Worker that “working class people have been at the forefront” of resisting the fascists.

“Tommy Robinson is a distraction from the real issues working class people should be fighting,” he said. “It’s important that we oppose him.”

He added, “Trade unions hold a unique position. We have to use our voice and use it responsibly especially when Tommy Robinson and the Democratic Football Lads Alliance are claiming to speak for working class people.”

Robinson has called the march under the banner of “The Great Brexit Betrayal” in order to capitalise on the Tory chaos over Brexit.

This has triggered a row on the left about how best to oppose it.


The Another Europe Is Possible campaign has called a separate mobilisation under the dangerous slogan of “No to Tommy Robinson—no to Brexit”. The organisers link opposition to Robinson to demands for a “People’s Vote” to stop Brexit.

Racism against migrants pushed by both Tory Brexiteers and Labour ­“centrists” who want to block Brexit has added to the racist atmosphere.

That’s why it’s important that the anti-fascist mobilisation cannot be restricted to those who voted Remain.

The left must not write off the 17 million people who voted to leave the racist, neoliberal European Union as backward bigots.

To do so would be pushing them towards Ukip and Robinson. We need a united demonstration of all those opposed to fascism and racism whatever their views on Brexit.

Whether people voted Leave or Remain, they have to be welcome on the demonstration against Robinson.

The resurgence of the far right in Britain is part of a global trend. State-sponsored racism against Muslims, migrants and refugees has fuelled fascist and racist forces at the ballot box and on the streets.

The unions and the Labour Party members who marched just weeks ago need to be on the streets again on Sunday 9 December.

Assemble 11am, Portland Place, London. Go to the Facebook event page Oppose Tommy Robinson in London—unite against racism & fascism

Ukip leader firms up Nazi links by giving a job to Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson supporters
Tommy Robinson supporters (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Nazi Tommy Robinson has been appointed as a “special adviser” to the leader of the racist Ukip party.

His appointment as Gerard Batten’s right hand man is another sign of the growing links between fascists and racist populists.

Batten has steered Ukip further to the far right.

He has repeatedly made calls at fascist-organised rallies for the crowds to join Ukip and he has welcomed leading alt right figures into the party.

He is also one of the forces backing Robinson’s planned march on Sunday 9 December.

Ukip has a ban on former members of the fascist British National Party and English Defence League joining. Robinson was a member of both.

Appointing Robinson as his adviser has allowed Batten to get around Ukip’s traditional conservative wing that wants to focus on Brexit.

They voted to defer Batten’s motion to the party’s executive committee calling for an all?member ballot on letting Robinson join the party.

Instead, Robinson will be an adviser on “grooming gangs” and “prison reform”.

This first is far right code for pushing the racist smear that Muslim or Asian culture is responsible for sexual abuse.Robinson was arrested and sent down for 13 months after filming outside a sexual abuse trial at Leeds Crown Court in May.

He was released on bail after a judge ruled that there should be a retrial.

The case was last month referred to Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, a Tory minister who gives the government legal advice.

Far right is outdone in Middlesbrough

Anti-fascists outnumbered a far right protest in Middlesbrough in the north east of England last Saturday.

A group linked to the far right, called Justice for Women and Girls, mustered around 40 people in the town. It tries to whip up Islamophobia by pushing the lie that Muslim or Asian “culture” is to blame for sexual abuse. The protest attracted thugs from the fascist English Defence League and Michael Hopper from Ukip.

Around 60 people joined the counter?mobilisation called by local Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) groups and others.

Meanwhile anti?fascists in Liverpool are preparing to take on a Nazi protest on Sunday 9 December, the same day as Tommy Robinson’s march.

And at Bristol University supporters of SUTR were set to protest this Wednesday after a racist stunt by Nazi group Generation Identity.

They put red dye into a water fountain outside Victoria Hall with a sign next to it referencing Enoch Powell’s racist Rivers of Blood speech.

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