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Unite to build resistance to the Tories’ austerity

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Issue 2428

Hundreds of union militants will gather at the Unite the Resistance conference later this month to debate how we get united action against the Tories.

Jane Aitchison, a PCS union rep in Leeds and joint chair of Unite the Resistance, explained what is at stake.

“Over a third of workers have so much credit card debt they don’t think they can ever pay it back. Yet the richest increase their wealth by over £300,000 per minute.

“They want us to blame immigrants or the sick or unemployed for our poverty. We have to join together to fight for what’s ours.”

The conference will be a chance for workers to thrash out how to take disputes forward.

Frank Innes is a UCU union member at Lambeth College, where workers are locked in a bitter dispute.

He told Socialist Worker, “Meeting with workers in different work environments is helpful.

“You see that bosses everywhere have the same agenda.”

Frank added that learning about different struggles boosts confidence.

“We took a lot of inspiration from the Three Cosas strikers, for example, and from Ritzy workers,” he said.

Adam Lambert is Unite union convenor at St Mungo’s Broadway, a homelessness charity where workers begin a ten day strike this week.

He told Socialist Worker, “The conference is really important because it’s bringing together people that are fighting back. 

“There are some great fightbacks but also some real problems, such as the calling off the local government strikes.

“We can look to coordinate with other housing workers going into dispute and forge independent networks to hold our union leaders to account.”

The Unite the Resistance conference takes place in central London on Saturday 15 November.

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