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US bombs wrong target: they talk of safe haven

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Issue 1739

US bombs wrong target: they talk of safe havens

A US bombing raid killed six military observers near the Iraqi border on Monday of this week after a plane missed its target during a routine training mission. US and British bombing raids in Iraq regularly kill many more civilians but do not get media coverage.

Writer and campaigner Felicity Arbuthnot, who returned from Iraq in January, told Socialist Worker that UN officials say the raids are putting people’s lives at risk. She said, “In the south the UN have withdrawn all staff. They’ve said it is too dangerous for them to travel there because they are scared they are going to be bombed. In the north staff are only allowed to travel in the region between 12.30pm and 3pm for the same reason.”

Yet New Labour has ruled that Kurdish refugees from northern Iraq have to remain in their “safe” country, and wants to deport them.

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