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US protesters face down cops after killing of Daunte Wright

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Issue 2751
Protestors face down police outside Brooklyn Center PD over shooting death of Daunte Wright
Protestors rage at police outside Brooklyn Center over the killing of Daunte Wright (Pic: imageSPACE/SIPA USA/PA Images)

More than 60 people were arrested at angry protests in and around Minneapolis on Tuesday after US police shot dead Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center just outside the city.

Wright was shot as he got into his car last Sunday after the police restrained him.  

In Brooklyn Center the police declared protests “unlawful” on Tuesday. To try and disperse the crowds the police began to throw projectiles—including paintballs, tear gas and flash bang grenades.  

But despite the repression many of the protesters have said they’ll come back again. One protester, Alyah, said, “I didn’t feel threatened, and I’m not scared. I’ll come back.”

Protesters held placards that read, “Why did Daunte die,” and vandalised the Brooklyn Center police department sign. 

Activists also scaled a fence outside the FBI police headquarters holding a banner that read, “Justice for Daunte Wright.”

Authorities have imposed a curfew in Brooklyn Center as well in the wider Minneapolis area. 

Protests have also raged in other parts of the US. In Portland, Oregon, the police union building was set alight after protests. Crowds also blocked traffic and shot fireworks in the air. 

In Columbus, Ohio, over 100 people protested over the murder of Wright and Miles Jackson, another black man who was killed by the police on Monday. 

And dozens of protesters marched held a rally outside the police department in Dallas, Texas. 

Activists marched through the streets of Philadelphia and in New York large crowds chanted, “No justice, no peace,” and, “Say his name, Daunte Wright.”


Basketball players in the NBA league also held a minute of silence for Wright. 

Kim Potter has been named as the police officer that killed Wright. It has been reported that she mistook her gun for a taser, which she fired as Wright drove away in his car. 

Racist police system killed George Floyd—not just one bad cop
Racist police system killed George Floyd—not just one bad cop
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Wright’s family have said they will not accept his death was an accident. The Wright family’s attorney Jeff Storms said, “An accident is knocking over a glass of milk. It’s not an accident to take your gun out of the holster.

“Don’t tell us it’s an accident because it undermines the tragic loss of life that this family has experienced.”

Potter and police chief Tim Gannon both resigned from the police force on Tuesday. 

The protests take place against the backdrop of the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who murdered George Floyd in Minneapolis last summer.

Defence witnesses were called to testify on Tuesday, including former police officer Barry Brodd.  He has claimed that those who witnessed Floyd’s murder acted “aggressively” and “distracted” police officers.

According to him, this meant that Chauvin’s deadly restraint was justified. 

Floyd’s family came out of the court to comfort and support the family of Wright on Tuesday. In a statement George Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd said, “We will stand in support with you. The world is traumatised, watching another African American man being slayed.

“I woke up in the morning with this on my mind. I don’t want to see another victim.”

The murder of Floyd sparked the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement last year—and it is clear that this fire has not gone out. 

Wright’s murder has added fuel and made it clear that the change in the Whitehouse has changed nothing about police racism.

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