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Voices of resistance call for troops to come home

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Anti-war demonstrators in Manchester spoke to Sian Ruddick
Issue 2120

“If you don’t speak up, nothing’s going to change,” said Falak, a young woman from Liverpool.

“The threats to Iran and the trouble in Pakistan show that this war isn’t over. And there’s oil and gas pipelines near Georgia. We don’t need another war for oil.”

Katherine Moffat from Leeds was on her first demonstration. “You hear so much on the news, but I think the people here have a lot to teach people,” she said.

Shin Sharma, also from Leeds, added, “We need the unconditional withdrawal of all British and American troops. The main enemy is here at home – the British state.”

Logan McGeary travelled up from north London to join the demo. “I came on the two million strong 15 February 2003 demonstration,” she told Socialist Worker. “I didn’t believe the lies they told us then – and we’ve just seen it getting even worse.

“I have nieces and nephews who are in their teens and I don’t want them to grow up in a world where war is commonplace or for them to be recruited by the army.

“Regardless of who’s in power, we have to keep up the pressure. The troops are so demoralised. You can’t talk about boosting morale in these circumstances. You have to bring them home.”

Jesse Oldershaw is a member of the UCU lecturers’ union at University College London. “Our success at kicking military recruitment off our campus last year showed me that if you organise you can have a real effect on the world.

“Demonstrations are a show of force – but they are also a space for organising and discussion. They give people confidence to be together. On the coach here we were all organising the campaign for this academic year.”

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