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Waging war across the globe

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Issue 1709

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Waging war across the globe

THE government and the press have expressed outrage at the arrest of two British police officers and two Canadians in Montenegro in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The government claimed there was no evidence to suggest any of those arrested were terrorists.

Yet one of the arrested Canadians, a construction company owner, was driving a car full of explosive equipment, including detonators and fuses. He also admitted giving money to the brother of Hashim Thaci, a commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, to secure a building contract.

Imagine the outcry if a Serb had been found in London with a car packed with explosives and admitted giving money to the IRA. Britain, the US and other Western governments kick up a fuss just because four Westerners are arrested.

Yet these same governments and their NATO military machine are getting away with murder across the world. NATO killed countless civilians and destroyed the infrastructure of Serbia and Kosovo in its war last year. NATO troops are still occupying Kosovo today.

Every day civilians are being killed by the cluster bombs NATO dropped during the war. A report this week by the UK Working Group on Landmines says cluster bombs, which fragment into hundreds of bomblets, have killed 50 people-around one a week-since the end of the war.

The US and Britain are also still bombing Iraq almost every day. This is the most prolonged bombing campaign since the Second World War-yet the US and British governments claim they are not at war. New Labour Foreign Office minister Peter Hain denies there is a bombing campaign against Iraq.

But the Ministry of Defence admits dropping 780 tonnes of bombs on Iraq since December 1998. The US has conducted 24,000 combat missions over southern Iraq during the same period. And for ten years now Western governments have imposed deadly sanctions on Iraq. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, sanctions have led to the deaths of at least half a million children and have meant that the ill and dying are denied medical treatment.

The US and Britain believe they can wage war wherever they like with impunity, and then squeal when anyone kicks back against them.

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