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We can stop this attack on the NHS

This article is over 18 years, 4 months old
Gill George, a speech and language therapist in London and a member of the Amicus union executive, also addressed the Bristol meeting. She was speaking in a personal capacity.
Issue 1971

‘People who work in the NHS have a pride in what they do — it’s special.

When the government comes along and smashes the NHS, all of that pride gets smashed alongside it.

The document Commissioning A Patient Led NHS represents, to a large extent, the end of the NHS. It is the blueprint for dismantling the whole of primary care.

When we think of the NHS, most of us think of hospitals. Usually when you have an appointment with a health professional you see a GP, health visitors, school nurse, physiotherapists, psychologists, and so on.

All of those jobs, currently provided by Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) are going to be outsourced. We’ll be left scrabbling for jobs, with the private sector, with the voluntary sector, or, if we’re lucky, with a foundation trust run on business lines.

There is also a plan to reorganise PCTs, cutting the number in half and driving through huge budget cuts.

Trade unions such as Amicus and Unison are starting to work together to get the message across. That’s great to see. The Keep Our NHS Public campaign has been launched and all of us should be part of it.

We need to organise more meetings like this. We need to build demonstrations. We need to do the low level things — write to local papers, organise union meetings, give out leaflets.

I believe that if we need to take industrial action to save the NHS that’s something that we should start building for.’

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