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Welcome to the ‘free’ Iraq

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THE STAGING of the fake handover of power in Iraq betrayed its emptiness.
Issue 1908

THE STAGING of the fake handover of power in Iraq betrayed its emptiness.

It was rushed through for fear of bombs and protests. The squalid ceremony saw the politicians cowering behind troops and tanks, utterly cut off from ordinary people.

The war and occupation have brought death and chaos. And this latest fraud will solve nothing. An ex CIA intelligence officer is now the prime minister of Iraq. But real power lies with the US and its overlord in Iraq, John Negroponte. He was the boss of the US-backed Central American death squads in the 1980s.

Haifa Zangana is an Iraqi writer and activist who was imprisoned in Abu Ghraib and tortured under Saddam Hussein’s regime.

She told Socialist Worker, “This is a cosmetic transfer of sovereignty. The real force will remain in the hands of the Americans.”

Freedom Bush-style comes with 160,000 occupying troops. No wonder an overwhelming majority of Iraqis want the US out now. People across the world are also continuing to protest.

Michael Berg is the father of Nick Berg, who was kidnapped and decapitated in Baghdad just over a month ago. Michael has been campaigning to end the occupation of Iraq.

This week he came to London to take part in the protests against the fake handover. On Tuesday he said, “The Iraqi people have not had an election yet, so we don’t have a democracy. We have a dictatorship of Bush and Blair.

“I think there should be an immediate end to the occupation.”

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