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West caused Balkans crisis

This article is over 21 years, 2 months old
Issue 1740

West caused Balkans crisis

THE OUTBREAK of violence in Macedonia comes almost two years to the day since NATO began bombing the Balkans. Bill Clinton and Tony Blair went to war in 1999, they claimed, to stop ethnic violence and bring prosperity to the Balkans. Today Kosovo remains a poverty-stricken hellhole and fighting has spread to neighbouring Macedonia.

Albanian fighters were the West’s heroes in Kosovo. They are its villains in Macedonia. NATO said everything would be alright if we got rid of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. Serbian people did get rid of Milosevic, but now the area stands on the brink of full scale war.

Western intervention has succeeded only in loading the dice in favour of one group in the Balkans rather than another. It stands in the way of a lasting peace. The last thing people in the Balkans need is another dose of Bomber Blair.

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